Made in collaboration with Praeto and jhicks for the GMTK2020 game jam. The theme was "Out of Control".

Arrows to Move, CTRL (or click) to fire. R restarts, and Q quits to menu.
You can also use a controller.

It helps to stand still when aiming, and make sure to prioritize the right targets.

Post your best times in the comments!


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Gun goes pew pew

Nice art, and concept is awesome, however it gets tiresome really fast. Found the best strategy to be to spam more bullets and avoid them, less trying to aim the gun. However, nice job!

Very fun to play! The swinging gun became a little frustrating after a while as it makes simply waiting for something to happen a big part of the game, but overall an enjoyable experience.


Okay, this is the first game so far that I really enjoyed. Both concept and execution were GREAT.
I love the fact that you can shoot yourself with the gun. I love the fact that the gun recoils when fired. I even love the fact that the game's premise makes no sense (aliens in a western setting?).
The game in its entirety is just plain fun and I'm 100% on board with it. This is a strong contender.

this game is neat but unfortunately because you have to hold control and press other button it triggers hot keys which often pauses the game.

You can also use mouse clicks to fire.

oh OK.